Drupal 7 LTS

YAD7 is a open-source content-management system (CMS) that is fully compatible with Drupal 7. There is no planned end of life for YAD7.

A Drupal 7 Fork

Moving the Drupal 7 platform forward

YAD7 is a community response for long-term support and improvement of the Drupal 7 platform. Unlike other Drupal 7 forks that require website restructuring, YAD7 is an almost-direct mirror of Drupal 7 and it is kept up-to-date with the latest Drupal 7 security updates. This means that if you have an up-to-date Drupal 7 site, you can migrate to YAD7 with no changes.

As a practical matter, it is difficult to move the Drupal 7 platform forward while the Drupal Association still officially maintains it. For that reason, the main YAD7 distribution will remain nothing more than a mirror of Drupal 7 until Drupal 7 reaches its official End-of-Life. YAD7 has a roadmap, that will move forward with new releases and security support after Drupal 7 becomes officially abandoned.

Currently, though, the only differences between YAD7 and Drupal 7 are these:

11 / 2019