About YAD7

About the YAD7 project

The name

In the computer world, there is a rich history of doing something all over again and naming the new thing as Yet Another of the old thing. The new acronym starts with "YA"

Often, the creator of the YA acronym will deny it.

YAD7 might stand for Yet Another Drupal 7... but, it might not.

11 / 2019
Behind YAD7

Hugh Kern is an ex-C and assembly language programmer turned businessman who invested his time in Drupal 7, and has written modules to make Drupal sites with a new set of tools rather than the bulky old standbys such as Ctools, Panels, Views, etc. He likes efficient stuff and this website is an example of what can be done with innovative tools.

11 / 2019
This website

This website is built with YAD7, version 2 of the Y module, and UIkit-based theme called ukflex.

It uses about ten contrib modules and one custom site module. It does not use the C Tools module and so, by definition, does not use any of the heavy modules that depend on C Tools, including Views, Panels, Page Manager, Feeds, and so many more.

Central to its operation is the Y module ecosystem which includes a layout system, a site manager, and navigation / display system.

11 / 2019
YAD7 v. Drupal 7

YAD7 is built from the standard Drupal 7 source code. There is a Github repo for the YAD7 build scripts.

The build scripts apply all of the patches in the patch directory.

Here is a description of the patches:
change generator id from Drupal 7 to YAD7
remove user_translated_menu_link_alter hook from the user module
pass the entity to the text filter in the field and text modules

The patch files can be removed or renamed with a different extension to build a YAD7 variant without applying these patches.

11 / 2019